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Brief description:

Down The Hole Rotary (DTHR) drill rig capable of drilling to a depth of 300mtrs (1000 ft) under favorable drilling condition. The drill rig can be operated on medium to soft soil formation. Compressors are replaced with mud pump and DTH button bits with Rotary bits for rotary operation. The drill rig can make a hole of diameter 6 ½’’ to 8 ½’’.

Description Specification
Application water well
capacity Dia 6 ½” – 12 ½’’ / upto:200 Meters Depth
pull up load 85000 Kgf
Pull Down 5500 Kgf
Torque 3800 Nm
Mounting of Rig 6x4 Truck (Optional: 4x2 Truck)
Water Injection Pump 80 Lpm @ 30 Bar
Power Separate on board Engine
Compressor 1000 Cfm @ 275 Ps
Mud Pump 760 Lpm @ 15 Bar